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Cloud-based vessel software for commercial and private vessels

Efficiency is everything

Sea Flux is an integrated package, focused on the safety and well being of your crew and vessels. We make it easier and more efficient to manage the safety and maintenance of your most valuable assets.

Our intuitive, cloud-based system can help your operation by:




Reducing paperwork and doubling handing of information

Saving time and money through efficiency

Creating better transparency and situational awareness within the operation

Minimises breakdowns and unplanned repairs

Promotes a better safety culture and improves Health and Safety

Reduces liability for Crew, Skippers, Managers, Directors

Creates accountability and leadership amongst the crew

Focus on the fundamentals 

“We believe in creating a paperless environment where every aspect of your team is working from the same page. Communication, situational awareness and efficiency are some of the key elements to create this climate and that’s why we’ve designed a tool to connect these fundamental components together.”



Raise the bar for safety in your operation



Store everything you need all in one place.



Perform preventative maintenance at the highest level.



Keep on top of

your most valuable assets.



Move to the new digital era by going paperless.


Work online, offline, anywhere anytime.

Our new offline software has been in production for over 8 months and we're excited to announce the launch of the most advanced maritime software in Oceania. 



Easily generate Drill Reports electronically to ensure your crew are well trained in emergency procedures.

Operational Reports 

Unique to Sea Flux, receive the Monday morning report, or utilise the monthly or quarterly report to make better operational decisions for your vessel or fleet.

Crew Training

Electronically manage routine crew training within your fleet ensuring all of your crew are well skilled in your operations. 

Dangerous goods 

Keep track of your vessel’s DG's onboard with allocation for images, locations and MSDS.

Online/Offline access, anywhere, anytime

Our software allows the user to complete tasks/checks, upload any files while outside of connectivity, then  automatically sync when the vessel is back in range.   

Safety equipment checks and expiries 

Perform routine inspections on and receive alerts on expiring and serviceable safety equipment 

Maintenance scheduling and Job-list 

Perform routine maintenance tasks, in either time or engine-hour intervals. Link an a manual to a specific task or even attach a invoice to a completed task.

Vessel certificates and documents

Store and access all of your vessels certificates and documentation anytime, all set up with alerts to notify you when they are coming due.

Electronic logbook

Customise your paperless logbook. With your voyage entries, formulate timesheets and reports giving you a breakdown of how your vessel in performing. Also with GPS, weather and tidal information functions, this is the ultimate record keeper.

Crew particulars and certificates

Store all of your essential crew information in one place including certificates, medical information, contracts,  induction forms and more. Set up alerts for important crew certificate expiries.

Standard operating procedures / checklists

Store all of SOP'S documents in one place. Perform all of your existing checklists and SOP's electronically. Upload and email completed checklists with ease to skippers or management. 

Health and Safety meetings

Record your Health and Safety meeting minutes and create tasks straight to your job-list with automatic alerts.

About Us

Kia Ora and welcome to Sea Flux.

We are a proud New Zealand based company helping all marine businesses to streamline the efficiency of their vessels in their evolving industries. With a combined experience of over 35 years in a variety of marine industries including Aquaculture, Fishing and the Luxury Yacht sector we understand the importance of having a safe and compliant work environment for all.




Marine and Aquaculture Contracting LTD

"I honestly can’t describe how much easier Seaflux has made my job in regards to keeping on top of vessel compliance work, maintenance schedules and keeping track of all the other finicky paperwork that often piles up.


Previously we ran a full paper system but as the amount of staff increased, it was becoming an arduous task. Now with Seaflux, everything is on the boat i-pad, accessible to everyone and a hell of a lot easier to keep track of.


We have found it to be an easy programme to use and the support from the team at Seaflux has been unwavering"


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